Thoroughbred Horse Show Is In Store For The New ME!!!

Hollywood in his final days of training prior to the Thoroughbred Horse Show Association event at the Horse Park in Lexington, KY.

Hello everybody!  Been a while since my last post!  You know summer is mostly a time for vacation and relaxation for some of my four legged peers, well not for me!  I have been away at boot camp (again!), trying to perfect my gate and style.  I think I did pretty good down in Tennessee, although I never made it to Graceland or the Grand Ole Opry!  Last week, my pal Kent drove down and picked me up from my summer show barn.  I am so glad to be home!  Janet greeted me with lots of treats and I even saw my old pal Maddie when I arrived in Lexington, KY!  I have a new place to reside now.  Mom (Janet) must really think I am all that and a bag of chips because she picked a place right in front of the horse park for my new residence! Location, Location, Location!  Ain’t that the truth!  Heck, I can trail ride to my next show!

Remember my last show in the spring? It was at the Horse Park in KY and was the inaugural the Thoroughbred Horse Show Association event, thanks to Jan Roehl and her partners.

Jan is one of those wonderful people that know our lives don’t stop when we leave the track.  And of course, my mom, Janet is the queen of that senario!

Well as I was getting settled in to my new casa, I met a new friend, Tobias.  Maddie has been riding me several times a week under the guidance of the tutelage of Tobias.  His training regime starts with a number of stretching exercises which Maddie does.  Then its my turn with a solid warm up, which really helps me put my beautiful head lower as I move along.

Once we are all warmed up and ready to go, Tobias has Maddie take me on a number of exercises in preparation for Saturday’s (Oct 5th, 2012) big event! Click here to read about the Thoroughbred  Horse Show Association.

I have a feeling this time might be a little tougher then the last show in April.  This horse show idea really caught on and from what I hear from my buddies in the barn there will be a strong number of horses set to show!  I also read where they are having shows in Ocala, FL.  I really must remind my mother, I am use to shipping south in my racing days.  I would look divine grazing under a palm tree!

Now across town, my other pal, Wallace Station is gearing up for his big event.  Wallace Station, who was given to Old Friends by his owners several years ago, is going for the new job like me.  He loves this new found form of exercise as there is only so much grazing a young man can do.  Plus we both love the pampering!  Who wouldn’t?  Wallace is very well!  I didn’t realize how much goes into becoming a show horse.  At the track we were taught to do two things, run fast and make a left hand turn to the stretch.  The show world is a lot more detailed and lots of critiquing of our every move.

Wallace and I are embracing this new life with open hooves!  I hope everyone comes to the Horse Park this weekend to see all of us compete.  Even though it is opening weekend at Keeneland Racetrack, there will be a good card of racetrack stars at the horse park!  I hope all of our friends show up to see us!  Bring your cameras, as I am very photogenic!

Wallace Station getting ready by Kent for his preparation for the big day!

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