Another Move…

So another journey begins. Back to Louisville, KY. A place I have called home for many years. I sold my condo and moved all my belongings to Norman, OK for a job I thought was going to reflect back to what I love to do. Work hands on with horses.

In my 58 years on this earth, I have had some fantastic moments. But in the same moment made some foolish mistakes. But those mistakes are part of the game of life.

I sometimes battle depression as I am sure all of us have had from one time to another. Although some of us will never admit it in fear it is a sign of weakness. I would never think admitting an illness is a sign of weakness, but we are all different creatures.

As I struggle to find the next job hopefully with benefits, I go back and forth in my head on why I quit the last several jobs I have had and if I should have done anything different. I am a hot tempered person that will give and give, but if I am yelled at, that is the cardnial no no. Something I will not tollerate.

I look back on when my mother was still in this world and how wonderful it was with her in it. How happy we were in our little condo in Jeffersontown, KY. But as impulsive as I am and influenced by friends, I sold the home and ventured to Oklahoma for the dream job with health insurance. Sometimes I review events in my mind and think how stupid can one person be. Myself that is. I think of how truly alone I am in this world. Just a few family members that I am aware of but are not close to. Peg was my family.

At times of self wallow in sorrow, I can hear my mother’s laugh and heavy New York accient to put a smile on my face. I remember some of the crazy shit she did and that I was able to witness. I swear, the Parking Spot episode in Seinfeld, was written without the slang, the day some man tried to take a spot away from my mother. After 45 minutes of circling W82nd street, Mom was just ready to paralel park when another car swooped into the spot. She flew out of the dodge dart and the 5’3″ petite frame yelled words I was not sure exsisted. Needless to say, the dodge dart was parked perfectly between an AMC Pacer and a Ford Pinto on W82nd street.

One thing my mother and I loved was music. She was a huge fan of Freddie Mercury and Queen. We would watch on demand concerts and just enjoy the show. Our favorite was the Billy Joel concert at Shea Stadium. It was the final event at the venue, before being demolished as the new Citi-field was already in place.

Mom and I had a love for a good looking man! During the Billy Joel concert, Tony Bennett made a guest apperarance to sing Empire State of Mind with Billy. What a musical treat. On top of that, Billy’s sax player, Mark Rivera, was visibly overjoyed with Bennett being on stage among the rest of the band. Once scene, you can clearly read Rivera’s lips saying to another band member, “That is Tony Bennett!!!” How nice it is when a peer reconizes you for your talents and commends them infront of the world.

When Peg (Mom) was able to travel to either another track or a football game, we would rent a car that had sirrus/XM radio in it. Her first request was to put on Howard Stern. What a mom! She would listen to the show, and his guest interviews and absorb all that he and his guest had to say.

Silver Charm (at Old Friends) on the left and Birdstone on the right (Training before the Derby in 2004)

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