Triple Crown and Breeders Cup Blues, by Cathy Riccio


Horse Racing and More

For years, I spent 365 days a year waking up at 3:30 in the morning to go to work.  Work, are you serious? I get to see thoroughbred horses, is that really work? I guess it is for some, but for myself it was a passion that I had since seeing my first live horse race at Aqueduct Racetrack.

My first introduction to horse racing was while I was taking a tap dancing lesson at Phil Black’s Dance Studio on Broadway in NYC.  Mr. Black was a perfectionist and while his wooden cane was tapping on the hard wood dance floor, those jingle of taps better be heard without missing a beat. While taking a group lesson at his school, up on the old Zenith black and white TV with the rabbit ears sticking out, was a powerful colt kicking butt to those poor thoroughbreds behind him.  It was Secretariat…

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