A Very Special Visitor

It’s crunch time for me folks.  I have three days left to prepare for the big day, my first show as a hunter/jumper.   Maddie and I have been working hard trying to get it all together.  Sometimes, in our training, I felt there was a couple of pieces to the puzzle we still haven’t found.  Well today, I was lucky enough to have a special visitor, Dick Lundy, and with his help we might have found a few of those missing pieces!

Before I trained, Mr. Lundy came up to me and started poking me all over.  If I could speak I would have said, “Hey, watch my right side, will ya?” But I was gentleman and let him finish his examination.  I must of passed cause they put the tack on and I headed to the ring. Maddie jumped on and we warmed up while Dick and others watched.

Getting ready for the big day

I’ve heard  many people talk with great respect of Mr. Lundy’s accomplishments in the hunter/jumper field and the race horse business.  I hear that Dick was a heck of a Thoroughbred Trainer and his short career couldn’t compare with most that have trained a lifetime.  His name is well known as a superior horseman.  Well, did I find that out today!    Usually it takes me some time to get my head to where everyone is saying, “Good Boy Hollywood.”  But today the praises were said quickly!  It kind of made me proud and enjoy this new career of mine!  Little tips were given to Maddie as I trotted around the arena.  Then they let me jump!  Now that is what I call fun! Maddie and I were flying over those jumps today.  Dick Lundy was a huge help to Maddie and myself.

Over Jumps!

Well, according to plan, tomorrow we are going to practice what Mr. Lundy taught us today.  Then I will ship into the Kentucky Horse Park for Friday evening.  I’m spending the night over there. I’d better tell Mom to pack my warm blanket!  I keep hearing about this party on Friday night, but I think I will stay in my stall that night.

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