Sales in Kentucky and My Early Training Life in Ocala, FL

Cherokee Run
That is my dad, can't you see the resemblance?

Below is my sale results from 2004.  I made it to the big time, the Keeneland September Sale. The good folks at West Points paid $210,000 for me! WOW, I’ll have to do a lot of running to make that back is what I thought while in the sales pavillion. The new farm they sent me too was a lot warmer then Kentucky and there was these trees called Palm Trees.  The grass tasted different but the room service was good with lots of hay and water.  I was fed three meals a day and the farm had a decent cook!

This is where I was taught to carry weight on my back.  I was kind of confused at first as what to do when a human tried to ride me. My first instinct was BUCK and BUCK HARD! I remember thinking towards my first exercise rider, “Who do you think you are?  What do you think you are doing?  I don’t carry people, I just look beautiful and eat, thats it!”

Ok, so I guess I didn’t get my way all the time.  I was told by my pasture buddies that this was what we did as Thoroughbreds.  We carried people around and as we progressed we ran with those people.  At first we took turns on who was the quickest to get our riders off our backs.  That was fun, but we were careful to only do this in the round pen where they had a lot of sand.  Then my buddies and I all went to the track together for the first time.  COOL.  Talk about a new experience.  I really liked it.  We had the whole track to ourself!

After months of training in Florida, it was on to the racetrack!  The big time! Churchill Downs!

Sales in 2004
2003 Sequoyah’s Tears, G by Cherokee Run, 1990 out of Countless Affairs, 1994
$210,000 KEESEP  2004 Yearling, Hip #1669
Consignor: Gainesway:Agent II
Buyer: Chace, Buzz:Agent
Totals for 2004:
1 Yearling Sold for $210,000 Gross $210,000 Average

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