Oaklawn Park and my Famous Stable Buddies!

Am I Cute or WHAT?Well, we loaded the van for a three hour tour… to Hot Springs, AR, the home of Oaklawn Park Racetrack. The whole stable was loaded on two Sallee van trucks.  Cathy and the boys did the packing for me. Hoofs are hard to pack with, but I can dig a hole the size of a swimming pool when I want!  I think that is why they rolled up all those mats out of my stall. I had a good trip with my traveling pals, Mark of Success and Omaha Beach.  Omaha hasn’t raced yet either, but he is progressing pretty quickly!  Mark Of Success was fresh off a second place finish in the Risen Star Stakes. He really has come along way and that Calvin dude rides him in the afternoon and Pedro rides him in the  morning, me, I get the freelance dudes cause they say I am “easy to ride….”  I’m not easy!  So back to our trip.  Marky was giving me some pointers on this racing thing.  Now let me fill you in on a little thing about Mark of Success.  He’s not exactly the most handsome guy on the block. The good lord blessed me with looks and a great bod, Marky on the other hand, well lets just say he isn’t making centerfold of the Dover catalog anytime soon!

So on our trip I was trying to give the guys pointers on how to keep your coat heatlhy and shiny.  Rule one, when its a little cold, stand in the back of the stall and tremble a bit.  Cathy will run down and tell the boys to put my blanket on! Keeps the hair down and forms a barrier from unwanted turds in my stall.  Rule two, find one spot to do your business and then sleep in the other spot.  Omaha, well, he doesn’t form this task too well and EVERYONE knows it…..He is gray!! Ha ha!  He says its the George Clooney look! Me, I’ll keep my Antonio Banderas look, thank you!  Rule three, watch the tail!  Keep it away from buckets, bent screw eyes and other items in the stall that could harm it.  My tail is long!  Marky, well, lets just say, he has a lot of bad hair days!  Plus, he is the baby and favorite so he is always by the office!  And what else is by the office?  The door and the cold air that comes in.  I prefer a room right in the middle of the barn away from drafts.  The more you beg for peppermints, the closer you get to the office and be the favorite! Nah, I can beg just find from the middle!

So we arrived and I liked my new house and the neighbors!  Rockport Harbor who was the big man on campus is living right across the wash rack from us!  That was awesome!  He was the bomb and I hoped I’d get to chat with him.

I really liked my new room with the view and the neighbors across the horse path. Round Pond, she was in John Servis’s barn. She was hot!  My dream was a date with Round Pond. I was in love! ā¤

Who said clothes don't make the gelding?

One thought on “Oaklawn Park and my Famous Stable Buddies!

  1. I know in my new life as as show horse, I have a rocking wardrobe. There are blankets for everything. When I go outside , I wear blankets so I am never wet or cold! This is the life. Check out my pic in my ultrasuede RE-BORNE cooler. It is awesome šŸ™‚


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