By Cathy Riccio

Today is April 11, 2020, Saturday. The day before Easter Sunday. The celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  As I scroll down Facebook in my daily ritual, there has been a change in the daily posts by most people in my network. My line of work is in the thoroughbred horse racing world.  We are a tight nit group and most of us know or heard of each other.  

Before the COVID-19 Pandemic, social media posts consisted of selfies, horse pictures, exercise riders & grooms showing off their best pose on or with the big horse and an occasional night out shot. Those are few and far between as people know, there aren’t many days off on the racetrack. 

But times have changed. Before December it was the left vs right posts consisting of fake news, real news & not even worthy of a post news.  

You can really tell a lot about a person by what they share with their friends on social media.  

Now, on the Saturday before Easter Sunday, there is an abundance of prayer requests and posts about prayer. When in doubt, and human error can’t be corrected on its own, the majority of us turn to God.  (Or whoever one praises in prayer)

Ah yes, the almighty one who will get us out of a DUI as the Cop is approaching the car for your license and registration.   That same God that you pray to in hopes your landlord deposits your rent check with enough money in the account.  God can hear his/her name when we are in dire of need for something dramatic in our lives needs a change for our better. 

Send or share this picture of the Blessed Mother and I’m sure we will all be saved from whatever bad is in our horizon. I’ve forwarded many of those. Why do we do it.  Will we be safe by a social media post?  Hmm.  

Myself, I have found my posts and values have been steered a bit.  My posts are usually about the Green Bay Packers, Horse Racing and Old Friends Equine Retirement.  Along with an occasional post I feel worthy of clogging the network.  I stay out of the Trump vs the World because I have friends on both sides and wish to not create an on line battle cause I am a Trump supporter. It is my business and my vote, but I do click the like button a lot!

When the pandemic of COVID-19 subsides, and the US goes back to some sense of normalcy, what will our social media posts be then?  Back to the selfies?  Battles between left and right? 

Or maybe, just maybe, we will continue to give thanks for all God has given us in the past and in the future. 

I would love to see number on crime and DUI’s. Have they gone down?  Has crime slowed up?   Is there more of a sense of respect for fellow man?   

But on this day, the day before Easter Sunday, it is all about you? Or is it?  What was given up for us?  What will we do for mankind?  So go back to posting the photos of you with or on the big horse, those fun nights out on the town and those short trips to other tracks. But just remember, we wouldn’t be able to do any of it, if it wasn’t for God.

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